Multiple bots?


Does this bot work in something like innerspace for running multiple bots?


my pc is not beefy enough to run many instances of eve at the same time but “rdpwrap”. it allows you to connect to your own computer via rdp (microsofts version of vnc) as another user and opens that “screen” in a window. very useful for botting and not as ressource-hungry as virtualization.


Thanks for the link. I’m trying to run 15+ bots, when I tried rdpwrapper with h-bot it was super slow. I’m gonna try integrate Sanderling under innerspace/isboxer. Maybe @Viir might know something.


Read that sanderling can’t read the process under innerspace. Welp nvm.


Beware that CCP will be able to figure out that you’re botting if you run multiple instances of bots if you go over certain threshold…

I got banned for running 7 in remote desktop sessions (2-3 in each each session)


Which bot was you using and was that rdp wrapper? I used to run 7 bots in VMware with hbot and I was ok.


Yeah I used rdp wrapper; i believe it was detected as macro bot - and in retrospect it makes sense since CCP would have recognized multiple inputs being put across multiple clients on multiple simultaneous occasions…

Do you have to pay for VMware? I looked up the difference between remote desktop sessions and virtual computing but I still can’t tell if virtual computing would allow for different IP address/ MAC address for each session as opposed to multiple remote desktop sessions on one’s own PC, which would arguable be tied to a single IP and MAC address.